Monday, April 02, 2007

Awkward Much?

I met my family for dinner last week, and was the first to arrive. While I was waiting, our waitress offered to get me a drink. After taking my order, she paused, and said "I know you from somewhere." She looked a little familiar to me as well, but I just couldn't place it. After asking my name and still not getting the answer, she asked if I worked for the court. When I explained that I was a lawyer, it clicked. Turns out she was a defendant I had evicted and then pursued for collections at my former job. I quickly tried to explain that I was no longer at that job and that one of the main reasons I was not there was because I hated doing that type of work. She seemed to buy it. And I hope it bought me a dinner without her spitting in my food.

This is why I need to live in a different county than where I work. Don't they say you shouldn't crap where you eat?