Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Free the Music

Every Tuesday (or later in the week when I remember), I start up my Itunes program to check out the free download of the week. Sometimes they royally suck. Other times, they're actually really catchy. And you can't beat free music.

This week's featured free single is by an Indiana boy named Jon McLaughlin. I just listened to it after downloading, and it's pretty good. It seems like his album is coming out soon, or may already be out. If it's as good as this single, I may have to check it out. So if you don't have Itunes, download it for free and then check out their weekly freebie. It's like second drink. (Bonus points for getting that remark.)

Here's his music video for a different song, named "Industry." It's also good, which bodes well for his album.

For more of his music, he has a Myspace page with 4 songs, including the two above. I actually like the song "Indiana" as well.

Footnote: According to Wikipedia, he has recently toured with Marc Broussard (whom I blogged about a couple of weeks ago) and Cowboy Mouth (who has been a favorite of mine since a friend introduced me during the summer of 1998.) It all comes full circle.