Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Deadly Obsession

How true is it that you can have hundreds of channels on your TV and still have nothing to watch? I used to hate it when I lived with antennae TV and on Saturday mornings, 4 of my 5 channels would be showing golf. The kicker was when the 5th was showing a movie about golf. The stars certainly aligned for that one.

There are some shows I only watch when I'm completely bored and there's nothing else on. A few years ago, my roommate and I could get sucked into a Real World marathon and lose an entire day to that lame vacuum of a show. It's an addiction, really. Luckily I'm over that show for the most part.

My new channel of obsessiveness is the Discovery Channel. I can watch any show on that channel and get sucked in. The last few weeks have been "How It's Made." A great 30 minute show that will detail how they make toilet paper, or mattresses, or garage doors. It's fascinating. This past week, the show has been "Deadliest Catch." It's an hour long reality drama following fishing boats during king crab season. The fisherman can make about $20,000 for five day's work. They also can die when a stray rope knocks them overboard into freezing water. Just last week they showed a Coast Guard rescue of a crew of an overturned ship. They pulled one from the water alive, 2 who didn't make it, and a 4th who was never found. The show covers pretty much everything I hate: Reality shows, cold, seafood, boats, open waters. Yet, I love the show. For a preview of what the show entails, you can check out the clip below.