Tuesday, April 03, 2007

American Idol Live Blogging

First, it's miraculous that I've made it this far postingwise. I just tripped on my own feet and dropped my laptop. Which it would have been bad enough landing on the carpeting, but it made a pit stop bouncing off of my elliptical machine. It knocked a few keys off of the keyboard, but so far seems to be working ok. Here's hoping it stays that way.

I still like him. Nice take on the song. I didn't think Tony's criticisms were all that helpful. They didn't exactly make sense.

Ah, Phil's toast this week. Admitting that this week is what you've been looking forward to is the easiest way to get yourself booted. You've now met your idol, got trashed for your singing, and your job here is done. I'll actually be surprised if he lasts past tomorrow night.

Seriously, she's in a league of her own. I think everyone at this point knows that if she loses, America will have forgotten to vote. She completely knocks it out of the park each week and, like Simon said, there's nothing to criticize.

Ok, it was widely reported a couple of weeks ago that he was not exactly in the bottom two but that the producers put him there to get his fans to vote for him by thinking he was in danger. When they gave him the pimp spot the following week, I started to believe a bit in that. Tonight, he couldn't have tried harder to be Justin Timberlake. The hat? The suspenders? Boy needs to stop himself. Paula commented that he was true to himself. Uh, sure, if by being himself you mean being the biggest knockoff faker in the biz. His voice is OK, but I don't bother to listen to more than about 20 seconds because I can't stand the dude. I'm still betting he is the rumored "male diva" who thinks he has this competition all wrapped up. I mean, even his "biggest secret" from a few weeks ago was vain in that he used to weigh more. The "before" pictures looked like he maybe weighed 8 lbs more. Ok, I'll stop now, and stop using the ".

She's good, but she doesn't move me. I have a feeling that she's going to be a surprise boot around number 7 or so.

I figured out why I like Gina. She is a dead ringer for one of my new bosses, whom I really like. So when I see her, I see my boss. I actually enjoyed the version, but I fear for her as well. She's probably bottom 3.

This is what would have happened if William Hung made it to the finals. He's a joke, he knows he's a joke, except he still believes the fallacy that he can sing well. It's obvious Simon wants him gone. As do I. He's here for a while though.

I honestly forgot she was still here. She just kinda blends in the background. I love how Randy punted to Paula. And Paula punted to Simon. She is here just pretty much on her looks right now. Not much to comment about on the singing.

Before she starts, I hope she's gotten back some of the sparkle she lost in the past few weeks. Love the dress. Song is ok. I think she's definitely getting left behind by Melinda. She should still be top 3 or 4. If she can keep it up. I don't necessarily care for the way she curls he upper lip on some notes. And didn't like the head bob thing at the end.

Results: With the week of 9, they'll probably divide them into 3 groups of 3. One group will be the highest vote getters, one the lowest, and the middle kids. Just remember, whatever group Sanjaya gets place in, will easily be safe. I think the bottom 3 will be Phil, Gina, and Haley, with a possibility that one of them is spared in favor of Jordan. Going home? Phil.