Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spit Swapping

The Boy and I and his kids paid a visit to my parents' house over the weekend. Yes, mom. I know he's a man. But "the boy" just sounds better. Anyway, on our way over, we stopped at a roadside produce stand to pick up some sweet corn. We'd had really good luck at the stand by his house, but unfortunately he forgot to check the sign and it was closed on Sunday. Totally his fault. So we had to stop at a new place we'd both seen up the road.

Stopping was probably our first mistake. I got out to get the corn, and his 5 year old (D) wanted to help me carry it. When we got up to the stand, there was a half watermelon which had been cut into little cube pieces. Immediately, D noticed the watermelon and asked for a taste of it. The stand owner happily obliged by offering a cube on his plastic fork. D, of course, was pleased and took it with no qualms. Next, stand owner, whom, so you get the picture, was toothless and forgot to put in his dentures that morning, turned to me and offered me a piece off the same fork. I graciously declined. He then offered the community fork to the next person in line, before helping himself to another piece and gumming the fork to get every last morsel.

And to think, I didn't like watermelon before.

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