Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back Home Again

The worst part about going on vacation, is that when you return, the house is still a mess, the litter box needs scooping (desparately), the dishes that were on the counter when you left haven't been miraculously cleaned by small woodland animals, and you have to return to work. While I love my job, I'm not looking forward to the stack of new work, the contested trials scheduled this week, or the number of emails and voice mails I'd have to return.

What's worse is when you have a lot of gifts people gave you before you left piled in every room of your house that need organizing. So we bought a shelf. And a grill. The boy has been dying for a grill for a while. Now, instead of cleaning house or cooking food, we're putting together new equipment. In the long run, it will help out immensely. In the short run, it just means we're procrastinating again on things that need done. Somehow, the tomorrow that I always put things off to never seems to surface.

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