Thursday, February 26, 2004

Stupidity: the anti-drug

On the radio yesterday, they were having people call in and give the weirdest place they ever woke up. I'm not sure who won their competition, but I have a personal favorite.

This guy worked in international business and used to live in Japan. However, he was back living in the U.S. and doing business in London for a couple of weeks. He and his co-workers decide to take a weekend trip to Amsterdam, where this guy decides to try pot for the first time.

He said he went into a pot bar and the next thing he knew he was on an airplane on approach to the Tokyo Airport. He said that once he landed, he found out he had walked into the Amsterdam airport and bought a $7000 one way ticket to Japan. He left his laptop and all his luggage in Amsterdam and his co-workers didn't know where he was. Apparently he never got his computer or any of his luggage back.

Now that's something I don't think I ever want to wake up to.