Thursday, February 12, 2004

Those crazy parents.

My parents have always been fascinated with my gay friend Chuck. I think they find it odd considering they've never known anyone who is gay. They want to know how he'd act in a certain situation, or if he'd do such and such. So they're always referring to him and asking when they get to meet him. Seriously, I think my mom has an infatuation with him.

Anyway, last night the mom starts talking to me about our upcoming ball. And she asks if Chuck is going. (He's like a member of our family who's never there but the parents always ask about him.) And I say I think so. So the mom asks the dad right in front of me, "would you mind if our daughter went to the ball with Chuck?" (Which is out of left field since I never said anything about asking him.) But the dad says, "why would I care. That's fine with me."

Then a long pause. And the dad follows up with "but I would care if Chuck went with our son."

Leave it to the dad to define that boundary.