Monday, January 05, 2004

Bible Thumpin

My friend Kel has affecitonately dubbed my house "the Jesus house" after hearing a lot of my stories. Except I don't think anyone knows the half of it. I've heard people say before about growing up in church that "whenever the church doors were open, we were there." I can do better than that. My parents have the keys to open the doors.

I was having trouble following the sermon on Sunday so I made a list of what my family is currently involved in. My dad is administrator of the church, handling all their business affairs. My mom sings in the choir and interprets for the deaf. She teaches a class for those wanting to learn sign language and heads a ministry that makes diapers for children in Haiti. Both my parents go on mission trips whenever they can, and are the heads of the area Bible Bowl and Beginner Bowl respectively. This requires them to practice with the kids once a week, go to competitions once a month, and about 5 weeks of competitions around the country during the summer. My brother plays guitar in the praise band and also is in a band that plays various church functions. My sister is head of the nursery and coordinates when people have to work. It's all kinda sickening eh?

And me. I sit in the pew about every other Sunday when I'm in town. I think perhaps I'm not carrying on the family tradition. Actually, I was really involved in high school, but that declined when I went off to college and then now there's nothing for me to do. They don't even have a Sunday School class for me. It goes high school, college age, then young and marrieds. Gee, where do I fit. I'm beginning to think that I'm becoming the black sheep.