Saturday, January 03, 2004

Ready for my closeup.

My mom made her small screen debut today. And I mean small screen. A few months back she was approached by the judge I used to work for and asked to help out with a project. They were making a video to be shown at jury orientations and wanted "real" people in their "natural settings" to talk about their experiences. So my mom was cast as "the teacher" and filmed in front of her blackboard.

Anyway, the video was mailed to her today and we all just watched it. I found myself giggling throughout, mainly because they had this courtroom re-enactment segment, and the bailiff was played by the probation officer I used to work for. So every time they show him being all serious, I just lost it. And it's funny to hear all these legal things being boiled down for the average person.

But it's kinda cool that my mom will be seen by every potential juror in the state for years to come. What will be hard for me is if I ever become a litigator or am called for jury duty and have to sit through that video. I don't think I could make it.