Friday, December 19, 2003

Marathon of Paper

Well, yesterday officially began the 2 week period where Hallmark makes an entire month's revenue off of my family. Here's how it goes.
18th -- the Mom's birthday
23rd -- the parents' anniversary
25th -- Christmas
29th -- my birthday
31st -- New Year's Eve

If it's any indication, the mom gets about 60 bucks in Gold Crown rewards per year. She's one of those people that sends cards for everything. She knows the entire town and will send everyone birthday/anniversary cards, and then sends at least 5 cards a week that are just motivational to whoever may need it at the time. That's her gift and I definitely didn't inherit it. I think the last time I actually mailed a card was 1998.

But I bought the Mom's birthday card and the parents' anniv. card the other day. 2 cards = 6 bucks. Anyone else think this is a ripoff?