Friday, December 05, 2003

If I only had a brain

Today I am a complete space cadet. I'm walking out to my car with my suit, my bag of clothes, and some books to exchange them for my school bag. I do all of that, come back inside, go to my locker, grab a book and a lunch container I need to take home, and then come up to my classroom. When I'm setting all of my stuff down, I look down and I'm still carrying my clothes bag. The thing is the size of a small dog and how I didn't realize I was carrying it is beyond me.

So I go back out to the car with that bag and the food container, drop off, and come back in. As I'm almost to the door, I look down in my hand and I'm still carrying the tupperware container. Really, am I supposed to be losing my memory this early in life? Or have I asked that question before? But alas, high school locker combination from 7 years ago is stil 26-32-18. Isn't there something more important that section of my brain that remembers that random fact should be doing?