Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

Well I survived another Thanksgiving with the family. Big deal, some may say. But if you knew my family, this is quite an accomplishment. By my count there were 22 people there I was related to, 3 people who were related to someone I'm related to, 2 people who are dating someone I'm related to, and 4 people whom I never did figure out who they were. And this was a small year. Sadly my sister went to her inlaws so she wasn't there for me to snark with all day.

We did start a new tradition, if you want to call it that. My cousin bought this air brush tanning machine online, and we all spent our day being sprayed with fake tan. I must say, odd, odd experience. It looks quite natural, but the thought of being air brushed is too funny. Not to mention my cousin stood out in my aunt's beauty shop, spraying us individually, which ended up taking about 3 hours. And there were only about 6 of us to get it done.

I didn't eat as much as I feel like I did. I ate lunch and then semi grazed the rest of the day. When we host the event, I can at least retreat back to my room to sleep. But I couldn't today. All the couches, beds, and floor spaces were taken, leaving me sitting up in a wooden chair most of the day. But it's all about being together with family right? Even if they are snoring loud enough the wall hangings are vibrating.