Friday, December 12, 2003

10 layers of me

I think this was targeted at an age much younger than me. But I'm bored on a Friday night, so here we go. And as always, I've added a few questions of my own.

-- name: Heidi, the rest is classified
-- birthplace: Terre Haute, IN
-- current Location: IN
-- eye color: green
-- hair color: sandy blonde
-- height: 5'7"
-- righty or lefty: lefty all the way
-- zodiac sign: Capricorn

-- your heritage: 1/4 Romanian, 1/4 German and Belgian, 1/4 English, and 1/4 Scottish
-- the shoes you wore today: white tennies with no socks
-- your car: silver Saturn SL2
-- your fears: having my arms tied down
-- your perfect pizza: thick crust, cheese only
-- goal you'd like to achieve: pass all my finals

-- your most overused phrase on AIM: dude
-- your thoughts first waking up: where's the snooze?
-- your bedtime: usually around 1
-- your favorite memory: standing outside the hospital when my brother was born

-- pepsi or coke: Before I gave up soda it was Pepsi
-- mcdonald's or burger king: McDonalds
-- single or group dates: Does this mean do I prefer being single or dating groups of men? Oh how can I choose
-- adidas or nike: Nike
-- lipton ice tea or nestea: Lipton by the gallon
-- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- cappuccino or coffee: coffee

-- smoke: never
-- cuss: on occasion
-- sing: i try
-- take a shower everyday: of course, sometimes two
-- have a crush: always
-- do you think you've been in love: no
-- want to go to college: been there done that
-- high school: Yes I went
-- want to get married: absolutely
-- believe in yourself: more now than ever
-- get motion sickness: no
-- think you're attractive: what's it matter if I think I'm attractive, more importantly, do you think I'm attractive...
-- think you're a health freak: ok, I can't stop laughing
-- get along with your parent(s): freakishly well. I'm back living with them actually
-- like thunderstorms: they're my favorite
-- play an instrument: played the french horn but haven't picked it up in years

in the past month...
-- drank alcohol: yes
-- smoked: no
-- done a drug: lots of prescription ones
-- had sex: no
-- made out: no
-- gone on a date: no. (Ok these last 3 questions have me really depressed now)
-- gone to the mall: It's Christmas season, are you crazy?
-- eaten an entire box of oreos: *eaten some oreos, not a whole box
-- eaten sushi: ick no
-- been on stage: nope
-- been dumped: nope
-- gone skating: no
-- made homemade cookies: my special recipe
-- gone skinnydipping: it's 20 degrees here. that would be a no
-- dyed your hair: usually this would be yes, but I stopped dying it this summer
-- stolen anything: nope

-- played a game that required removal of clothing: yes
-- if so, was it mixed company: I can't remember
-- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: I plead the 5th, or I drank a 5th
-- been caught "doing something": gee,that's vague
-- been called a tease: I've been called so many words, but tease wasn't one of them.
-- gotten beaten up: uh, no
-- shoplifted: I'm going to be a lawyer, not a lawyer's client

-- age you hope to be married: I always thought 26, but since that occurs this month, I'm not going to say
-- numbers and names of children: I love names that start with a K, end in an. Kieran, Keegan, Ethan, etc
-- describe your dream wedding: One where I'm the bride
-- how do you want to die: in my sleep
-- what do you want to be when you grow up: when I grow up? I am grown up
-- what country would you most like to visit: Spain
-- what countries have you visited: Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg

in a significant other...
-- best eye color? doesn't matter
-- best hair color? i used to say dark, but blondes work too.
-- short or long hair: short, clean cut.
-- height: 6'
-- best weight: I'm not picky
-- best articles of clothing: ties
-- best first date location: bowling
-- best first kiss location: back seat of a Pinto (right before it's hit and the gas tank explodes... get me out of law school)

-- # of drugs taken illegally: 0
-- # of people i could trust with my life: 15
-- # of CDs that i own: 150
-- # of piercings: 5
-- # of tattoos: 1
-- # of scars on my body: noticable ones.... 4
{x} current clothes: long sleeve shirt and jeans
{x} current mood: tired
{x} current taste: sweet tea
{x} current hair: short and spiky
{x} current annoyance: being home on a Friday night
{x} current smell: french fries
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: studying
(x} current desktop picture: windmill in Champagne, France
{x} current book: Constitutional law
{x} current refreshment: tea
{x} current worry: failing Con Law
{x} current crush: I don't name names
{x} current favorite celebrity: Matt Damon, Ed Norton, Hayden Christensen