Thursday, December 11, 2003

Beware of she who taketh exams

I almost usurped the Treegate scandal as lead story on the news. The headline was almost "law student assaults faculty assistant." But thank heavens, the crisis was averted.

Here's the deal. I have a 24 hour take home exam, that I could pick up at any time during the 2 week period. (Except Fridays since I have to be able to turn it back in the next day.) So I had waited all week to pick it up today. Drove the hour and fifteen minutes up there, and went to my prof's assistant's desk, where she promplty informed me that I couldn't pick it up because she had committments for tomorrow and wouldn't be in to take the exam back. (It was 1:45) But I could pick it up on Monday. Um, excuse me. Of course no one had informed the students of this or I would have gotten it earlier seeing as I have exams on Mon, Tues, and Friday of next week, plus a paper due Thurs. So I was fuming.

Luckily I ran into a classmate who was on her way up to get the exam. I told her what I'd been told, and she assured me that she would get the test today. See, she's 9 months pregnant and a bit hormonal. And sure enough, I followed her up and we both got the exams.