Saturday, December 13, 2003

Deck the Halls

Our Christmas tree (or memory tree as my mom likes to call it) is finally up and decorated. And the best part was that I didn't have to help decorate. Well, the mom did have me hang some ornaments before I left saying it was "tradition", and like "tradition", she moved them the minute I moved out of the room.

Because that's the way she is. Very, very particular about the tree. She was gone last week, so the dad and I decide to put it up so it's ready to decorate when she got back. And he asked her if she wanted us to put the lights on to. She said she didn't care how the lights went on, to which I snerted and made some smart-ass comment like, "everyone who believes that raise your hand".

Luckily the brother was there to tell us how it's done. Apparently the mom and he take the strands, go down one branch, and back up that way the tree has depth and lots and lots of lights. And luckily, the brother was busy so the dad and I could just role our eyes and continue with our way of wrapping it around the tree halphazardly.

And I think our way is more economic. Because when we finished there were 2 strands left in the bag.... So the dad looks at me, then at the bag, and then at me again. Then gives the ultimate dad command. "Go hide these where your mom won't find them until January".

I think the dad and I need to decorate together more often.