Sunday, December 28, 2003

Woe is me.

So I'm having a bit of a hard time coming to grips with the thought that I will be 26 in 22 hours. I'm sorta denying that it's true. Pooh can vouch for how hard I took turning 25, and 26 is just all the more bleak.

But if it were up to my mom I'd still be 5. We went to my aunt's and uncle's on Christmas night, and as we're walking to the door, my mom is telling me not to walk in the mud and to wipe my shoes off on the mat. Thanks mom, because I've never lived in a civilized country that partook in such habits. I had hoped to make a mud mural on their new linoleum when we walked in the door.

And she did it to me today with the driving thing. I agreed to go with my sister and she to the big city today, and since my mom never wants to drive, I got stuck doing it. Which I don't mind driving, it's the backseat driving that makes me want to throw a tire iron at someone. My mom was a driver's ed instructor (so was my dad for that matter) and she can never stop telling me what to do. If someone else were in the car, they'd swear I was 15 and on the interstate for the first time. "Heidi, I see that some driveways are wet which means that the roadway is probably slick in some spots." "Heidi, there's a bunch of parking spots over there after you turn in." "Heidi, you need to get in the left lane because the mall is up there on your left." "Heidi, that guy on your left has his turn signal on but I don't think he really means it." "Heidi, I have no idea what I'm talking about but I'm going to keep bossing you because I know it really pisses you off."

The worst part is that she's wrong almost 85% of the time, and the 2 areas we were in today were the 2 areas I used to live in. So I could drive them blindfolded. I love my parents, but they drive me insane. And if they ever found this blog online, I'm sure I would burn in hell. (Which to recap, will consist of baby showers, hanging Christmas lights, and driving around with my parents in the back seat.)