Monday, December 29, 2003

My New Lust

Saw the movie, loved it, as if there was any doubt, and now have a new love interest. The guy that played Mark... Oye. So cute. And so didn't get enough time in the movie. Though I guess they had to spread around the love since they had to give ample time to Colin and Hugh, and even Alan. I may have to go see this movie again at the dollar theater, before it gets away.

(Edited because I had to add his cute pic):

Speaking of movies, I raided my brother's room to try to find some of my movies that he's stolen. That was unfruitful, but I did get further insight into my brother's twisted movie tastes. (Remember the Cutting Edge discussion?) He has all the major guy movies... the Matrix, LOTR, American Pie, Bond movies, anything by Jackie Chan, Will Smith, etc. And then he has others, like Homeward Bound. That's the movie about the 2 dogs and a cat who travel through the mountains to get back home. Most sisters are worried about finding their brother's porn stash, and I only have to deal with finding his heart wrenching movies. Guess I should consider myself lucky.