Monday, December 29, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

I hate having a birthday around Christmas because it's practically invisible to the whole world. I didn't receive a single card from anyone today. Not one from my parents, not one from my brother or sister, none from the aunts and uncles, neither of my grandfathers, not friends of the family.... Blah. I did get an e-card from a friend, and I know others have cards for me that they'll give me when they see me instead of mailing. But do you know how depressing it is to go out to the mailbox on your birthday expecting at least 1 card, and not getting any. I think that the fact that I'm depressed over my age is adding to it.

My parents took me to lunch. And I'm going to see Love Actually in an hour. By myself. Because no one will go with me. It had left the theatre a few weeks ago, but I just remembered today that we have a cheap theatre I haven't been to since high school and they happen to be playing it. So at least one part of my day should be good, even if I'll be by myself.

I think I should just stay home and drank my bottle of champagne from France. I've been saving it for a good occassion, and we need to drink it soon. Except I probably would end up doing that by myself too, and that wouldn't be pretty.