Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Birthday Begone

I promise this is the last post about my birthday. (BTW, thanks for all the birthday wishes online) Anyway, I did end up getting 2 cards, one from my parents and one from my sister. My sister did the typical sister card: 2 girls on the front wearing matching outfits, and the line was something like, "you were always so sweet and cute.... when others weren't looking." Which is funny because that so could have been us on the card. My mom always dressed us alike.

And then the parents gave a sappy "we couldn't ask for a better daughter" card. Which actually made me start to cry. (I blame it on the PMS, since most of you know I am not a crier.) And they gave me this portable closet thing to store suits in to keep the dust (and mainly cat hair) off of them. Though I think it's a plea from my mom to get my clothes out of her closet.

So, it wasn't the worst birthday ever. That title will long remain with my 21st, which I spent in the hospital having surgical staples removed from my butt. (I had had surgery on my tailbone the week before; it wasn't some drunken accident). I'm thinking it will take a lot to usurp that one. But no more stressing about the birthday, at least for another 364 days.