Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year's

Went out last night with a couple of my college friends and one of my law school friends. It was weird to have the two worlds meet, but I think they got along famously. We hung out at Cheeseburger in Paridise listening to a reggae band and watching some chic in a green velvet dress dry hump her date all night. It was worse than it sounds, really (the dry humping I mean). We got lots of cool freebies and one of the friends won a drawing for a Corona wooden cooler. It was pretty cool but weighed a ton. So we had a pretty good night. Not really much else to say about that.

We also visited this psychic lady that was hanging out in the bar. She was wearing a pirate's outfit, which I didn't really understand. Now, I believe in the psychic world, which is exactly why I don't usually do that sort of thing. I believe that demons and ghosts exist out there and I don't want to know more about them. Weirds me out. But we did this just for kicks, and the lady gave 5 of us our love predictions. And what was weird was that she was pretty close on all of us.

She told me that I would fall in love in the next year, and then she looks at me and says, "I get the feeling your really religous and I see you meeting him at church." Now this could have been a guess but it's freaky since I wasn't wearing any cross jewelry or anything, and I was in a bar. But I'm not betting the farm on it. She told another of my friends that it would be 2 years for her, and another that it would be a year and a half and that she saw her being some sort of spiritual counselor in the future and got the sense that she would be going to seminary school. And oddly enough, this friend has been told by ministers and other people that she should go into that line of career. Weird. So in 2 years I'll let you all know if her predictions came true. If I remember them by then.