Thursday, January 29, 2004

Pitfalls of short hair.

Last friday, I ended up staying over at a couple of friends' apt unexpectedly. Since I live an hour away, it's not like I can just run home. But on Saturday, my friend MG and I went to the fancy schmanzy mall here. Which is all grand and everything, except for the fact that I was wearing day old clothes, hadn't done my hair, and had no makeup on. (I did shower by the way.)

But we went out on the town anyway. As most of you know, I have extremely short hair for a girl. Now when I fix it, it can look fine, but when I don't, I look pretty bad. So MG and I went into MAC at this mall, and they started helping her out with her makeup. Notice I say 'her'. No one even offered to help me.

So when one of them walks away, I turn to MG and say, "you realize they think we're a couple, right?" And she, aghast, says no way. And then she takes a closer look at me. And we start giggling. It was funny this time, but seriously touching on a paranoia issue I have. I need to find my "I'm a hussy" clothes and set the record straight.