Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dum Dums

I was watching Jeopardy last night, and while they were doing the meet and greet thing, this woman says that she's only made 3 impulse buys in her life; 2 cars and a condo. Then she goes on to tell the story of the second car and says "I had done my research and comparison buying, and I went into this showroom just to look around and ended up buying." Ooooh. Living on the edge. That's like the exact opposite of an impulse buy.

A better example of an impulse buy is when I went to Walmart in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, saw a 25 inch TV and decided to buy it. I lifted the entire thing up on the cart myself, purchased it, and out to my car. Only I forgot to consider that the box was so big it wouldn't fit through my car door. So some passerby saw me struggling with it, and offered to help me put it in the trunk. Which it didn't fit there either. But of course I'm by myself so I couldn't very well go back into the store to buy bungee cords to keep the trunk down. So I drove home with it precariously perched in my trunk praying that it didn't fall out.

What's worse is that I repeated the whole thing 3 months later with my friend Ags. Only I had downsized my car, thus making it more challenging. We were at Walmart at 2 in the morning, and luckily there were 2 of us so we could take it out of the box in the parking lot, amidst the stares of onlookers, and shove it in the back seat. That, my friends, is good shopping.