Monday, January 26, 2004

Family Bonding

Yesterday it stormed all day. So the sister and brother in law came over and we all had a good bonding day over board games. In our family, it's all fun and games until someone starts winning.

We started playing Life first. My sister designated me as the banker and then preceded to bark at me the entire game telling me who and how much to pay out. She on the other hand kept hiding money so that when had to start stealing Life tiles, we didn't think she was a threat. The brother in law kept changing the rules around whenever it was his turn. The mom didn't understand the game and spent half the game on the phone while I was in charge of handling her money and decisions. The brother tried to dictate the game telling everyone what to do first and yelling at everyone when they started to go too fast. And the dad had the best idea as he kept looking for the space on the board where you keel over and die. All in all, I think I finshed last. Shocking.

Then we moved on to Trivial Pursuit. We played teams, simply because you have a better chance of getting questions right. You also have a better chance of having differing opinions, and when you choose one and the other one was the right answer, you have to hear "I told you so" for the next 5 turns. The brother and I led the whole game, only to fail miserably in the Author's category and the dad and the sister took over the lead. I think they got their Author's wedge when they had to answer "Who wrote the cat in the Hat?".

But game day for the family has ended and is likely not to occur again for another 2 years. Thank heavens.