Saturday, February 14, 2004

V day Schmee day

My church is having an "Evening Under the Stars" night tonight. They said that they wanted couples and singles alike to attend. Right. That's why it's being held on Valentine's Day. So of course I didn't buy a ticket.

I get home this afternoon, and my mom asks what I'm doing tonight. Like she doesn't know. But then suggests that I go up to church and help serve people, then I can eat in the kitchen. (This would be a good suggestion if they needed help serving, but they don't.) Really, how pathetic does she think I am. I didn't sign up to go as a guest, so what makes her think I want to dish out mashed potatoes to lovey dovey couples and then eat in the kitchen like I'm the family member everyone is ashamed of.

I think I'm just going to chill here at home, watch some cheesy movies, and treat myself to a facial, the hot tub, and possibly highlight my hair. I am spending the night with my favorite person. Me.