Monday, March 01, 2004

Bill me later.

A month ago, one of my prescriptions expired. When I picked it up at the pharmacy, they told me that my doctor said I must see him to get it filled again. So I called, scheduled an apt, took off work, drove the hour and a half to the apt, and waited over an hour because the doctor was behind.

But once he came back, he looked at my chart, and then looked at me. He asked why I was there, and I told him because his office said I had to. I had been told I needed to have some labs done. Then he kind of chuckled and informed me that usually they have to see patients to renew, but since he knew my case so well, and I was on the medication for a certain reason, he didn't have to see me for probably 2 more years.

Thanks. Wasn't that something you could have told me over the phone? So he decided not to do the labs (which is good because my insurance probably wouldn't pay for it anyway.) But damn it if he didn't bill me 50 bucks for the visit anyway.