Monday, March 01, 2004

TV on the brain.

I hate when I have migraines. Mainly because of the pain, but also because of the side effects of the medication. Before the invention of the wonderful Exedrin Migraine I had to rely on prescription Imitrex. Great drug for getting rid of the headaches, bad drug for tripping me out. When I took one I always had to leave work because it made me loopy. Like I couldn't open a door because it felt like my hand was going through the handle loopy.

But now I've just taken the Exedrin, and I will be awake until about 2 in the morning. Those things are pure caffeine. And if I were a productive person I'd do my reading that I'm saving for tomorrow morning. But I'm not. So instead I'm wide awake and watching the conclusion of "Average Joe 2: Hawaii." Have never seen an episode till this point and yet the channel won't change. I think I need to petition Exedrin to include a side effect warning: May cause temporary loss of sanity and inclination to watch bad TV.

Edited: Ok, so the shocking twist was that she used to date Fabio? Uh, I heard her give an interview a few weeks ago where she admitted that. And Mr. Hunk boy can't deal with that so he ditches her? Whatever. Bring on the Apprentice. Quality reality programming.