Friday, April 02, 2004

Registration 101

I swear the law school is trying to kill me. Today I nearly had a heart attack registering for classes because of the new-fangled system and the fact that I didn't pay attention to the 45 emails that warned me about the changing system. As an IU alum I'd used the old system all through undergrad and law school, so I was fairly comfortable with it. And I don't like change. To add to it all it probably didn't help that I decided what classes I wanted at about 7:58 when I had to register at 8.

I got onto the system, selected the classes, and then clicked the done button. Seemed simple enough. It took me through a bunch of pages asking me if I wanted to rent a locker and if my address was correct. Got through it, and on the confirmation page it told me "You are registered for 0 classes."

I finally figured out the system after much cursing and clicking on random buttons. I ended up at some blank page that said something along the lines of "if you think you do a better job finding the classes, just try it yourself." Somehow I clicked the right button to get out of that before I ended up in ceramics or scuba diving. I'm sure the system is easier had I gotten a course list with the 5-digit numbers. Instead, all I had was the visual layout and had to search out each course.

But I can't complain now because I seemed to have had less of a hassle than others. And I got the classes I needed. Since everyone else is doing it, and I'm such a follower, I feel the need to post my schedule.

Commercial Paper
Admin Law
Church and State
Interviewing and Counseling

At least that's what I think I registered for..... I changed so many times, I'm not exactly sure anymore. As Chuck said it best, I didn't get the classes I wanted because they're not offering the classes I wanted next semester. It would have been perfect had I wanted to take tax, state tax, local tax, gift tax, state and local tax, tax evasion, and taxing the tactless. But even I'm not that stupid.