Thursday, April 01, 2004

Lost in Translation.

[I haven't been posting because I can't think of anything to say. I thought about importing some posts from the old blog that were relevant today, but I can't think of any. But if any long time readers have a favorite post you want to recommend for days when I have nothing to say, please do. I've learned that I'm a lot less inclined to post about my family now that I am no longer anonymous. And without making fun of my family, I have precious little left to talk about.]

Before last summer, I had never been out of North America. And then I went on my law school's European law program and visted 7 countries in Europe. Rather than do something productive (like finding a job) I am spending part of my summer in China through the China law program. We went to buy our tickets yesterday and the price had gone up $500 overnight. Instead of paying $1100 for a ticket, the cost was now $1600. Since we didn't want to pay that, we looked around and did some searches for a multi-city ticket. Turns out, for $1200 we could fly to Beijing, and then after our program fly to Tokyo and spend a few days there. And with the price of hotels, it's actually cheaper to do that. So instead of simply flying to China and back, we've now added a couple of days in Japan.

After I get home, I have to join the parents on a 2 week trip to Honduras. (A missionary trip if you must know....the Jesus house doesn't up and take vacations for nothing.) They have this misconceived notion that I actually remember any of the Spanish I learned in my 5 years of classes. They'll be surprised when we get down there and all I can do is find a bathroom or tell someone I like their dog. But anything that gets me out of Indiana for a bit longer is worth my time.