Sunday, March 21, 2004

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Watching the NCAA tournament the other day, I realized just how far advertising has gone. It was halftime and the announcer was talking to the coach of one of the teams, and under them is the tag "Dasani Sideline Report." Apparently the network is now selling certain time slots of the actual coverage. Not only do we have commercials during the event, ads plastered on the floor and sides, and even sponsors for the score ticker at the bottom, we now have sponsors for any segment where they talk to the announcer on the floor.

I'm just waiting for the day when we'll have the "Pepsi first quarter" or when "the team has taken their IKEA timeout." And I don't think it's long until we have the "Eli Lilly Pacers." You heard it here first.

On a sadder note, I've given up on my brackets. 2 of my Final Four are already out, and I'll be lucky if I still have 3 teams in the Sweet Sixteen after tomorrow. As long as neither Duke or Kentucky win the thing, I'll be fine. I'm still rooting for the long shot Pitt, but if today is any indication, I'll be wrong about that too.