Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The price of fame.

Ok, so I was going to be a little light on the posting, but after Chuck has pointed out that I'm not linked on our law school site, and people now realize who I am, I thought I'd explain myself.

I started blogging last August, and for a lucky few of you, you know where that blog is located. I only moved here a few weeks ago, upon realizing that some law school people had stumbled across my blog and decided I needed something a bit more professional. I'll provide the link to that old blog as soon as I am able to remove some posts. Since it was a "secret" blog, there are some things I don't particularly want the world to know. As I told Kelly, it was becoming a game to see how long I could go with the new blog without being noticed/linked by Sapere Aude. Apparently that would last until today.

So now I've been outed and there's no more hiding for me. And now people will realize that I'm actually friends with Chuck in real life as well as in cyber world. *Shudder*