Friday, March 05, 2004

Lord of the Snooze

I stayed with a couple of friends last night, who decided that at 10 p.m. it was time to introduce me to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm not exactly sure that late at night is the appropriate time to wheel out 6 hours of movie. I'm generally not into fantasy films and I will forever associate the LOTR with the Disney cartoon version "The Hobbit." I didn't necessarily dislike the movie(s), but my enjoyment of it was proportionate to the number of rum and cokes I had.

In related news, there has been a leakage of footage from the Star Wars Ep. 3 set. If you're into that, you can find the video here. [This is actually a video archive for Hayden Christensen (whom I may or may not have had an obsession with in past years) but you can scroll down to the Star Wars column and find it there.] I actually hated Star Wars growing up, until I watched the entire original trilogy with my brother one winter break and he explained it to me. It's amazing how much more entertaining a movie is when you understand what's going on.