Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The layout.

I'm getting positive feedback about this layout. Yes, I did come up with the design myself, but I cheated. I viewed the source of my friend's blog and then just cut and pasted relevant coding into mine. I did however change the format to be 2 columns instead of 3. That required a lot of math and fine tuning to make sure everything lined up. For a while it kept posting the blog column down the page. But I think I got it figured out. As to the pic at the top, I took a pic off the net, cropped it down and added font with a picture editor. It looks like crap but I never claimed to be a graphic artist. I used to have a decent knowledge of html, but I forget most of it. Maybe this will be good for me.

Actually, some of the format is still working wrong. I didn't do anything to get the lines that divide between the posts, but I kinda like it that way. I think it's because I have it set up to put the date in the box, and blogger only does the date for the new post of the day. Inadvertant, but I like it. Right now this format will work. And judging by how long it took me to get it to this point, it will work for a long time.