Wednesday, March 10, 2004

March Resolution

I decided it was time to make my March resolution. (I do monthly resolutions because I don't have the resolve to actually carry out a year long one. Though I must say, some monthly resolutions have inadvertantly become permanent ones. If I have 30 days to commit to one resolution rather than 365 days to 10 resolutions, I'm more likely to be successful.)

Anyway, this month's resolution is to be less self-depricating. (i.e. learn how to take a compliment.) As my friend Kelly P. pointed out, sarcasm and dry humor are my #1 defense mechanism. And while that's part of the reason some of you love me, as Chuck would say, sometimes "she needs to quit."

Therefore, I give any and all of you the right to refer to my resolution if I am breaking it at any point. Just don't have too much fun doing it.