Sunday, March 14, 2004

Say Again?

In small town Indiana, fishing and hunting are big past times. While neither my immediate family nor my cousins hunt, we're surrounded by cousins and uncles who do. So we're all pretty familiar with what it entails.

Yesterday, I met up with my parents, my aunt, and my cousins to go see my high school play in the boys basketball regional finals. While we still ended up in a small town in Southern Indiana, it was a mini-field trip away from our small, middle of nowhere town (i.e. the Jesus Town). My parents thought we should try some restaurant we can't go to in the Jesus town or the neighboring ones, so someone suggested 'Max and Erma's'. Everyone thought that sounded like a good idea... except my cousin.

My 12 year old cousin turns to my dad, and in all seriousness says, "I do NOT want to eat at the taxidermist's."