Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Big Dance

There is only 1 rule I live by when making my picks for the NCAA Tournament: always pick a 12 over a 5. And so far, my strategy is working. UW-Milwaukee just defeated Alabama. The only 5 seed I have winning is Michigan St. Gotta pull for the Big 10 in round 1.

So far only one loss in my picks. Eastern Kentucky didn't get it done against Kentucky. But they almost did. And some people would think me foolish for taking a 15 over a 2. Maybe they'd reconsider their opinions if they knew my track record of having the most correct picks amongst 'unofficial' office pools in the past decade.

If Pacific holds of Pitt for the next 45 seconds, it will be a nice start indeed.

And you heard it here first... Final Four: Illinois, Gonzaga, UConn and Duke. With Illinois v. Duke in the final, and Illini getting it done. And if I'm wrong, I'm blaming the Sudafed.