Monday, January 16, 2006

Not your grandma's church service.

At church yesterday, I had the (mis)fortune of sitting behind 2 couples in their early 20s. The couple directly in front of me weren't at church: they were on a date. During the singing at the beginning of the service, the boy kept running his hand up and down the girl's back and then brushing her hair back and kissing her behind the ear. Then she would turn to him and they'd kiss on each other a bit. During the communion prayer, she used one hand to massage his neck muscles, and at all other points when we were standing, one or the other of them had wrapped themselves around the others' arms and were laying their head on the others' shoulder.

It was a bit distracting to say the least. At one point I almost tapped them on the shoulder to ask them to cut it out. But then thought that would just be drawing attention to myself. Seriously, though, church is about the last place I can go by myself as a single person and not feel out of place, so can we all just keep our hands to ourselves?