Thursday, May 18, 2006

For Ever, For Never, For Now:

That 70's Edition

In honor of the finale of That 70's Show, I am ressurrecting, that feature everyone seemed to like but thought was dead: For Ever, For Never, For Now.

For those new to the blog, this is how it goes. I give you 3 options and you choose of the 3 which one you would pick to be forever (love/bestest friend), which one for never (hate/hate), and which one for now (fling/drinking buddy). Sometimes, like this one, the 3 options will be people. Other times, it will be TV shows, concepts, characters, etc. If you need any more explanation than that, I think you're an idiot and I don't want you playing my game anyway.

Today's options are the actors, not the characters they played. And no, it is not an oversight that I left off the ugly untalented Wilmer Valderama.

The Men:
Topher Grace

Ashton Kutcher

Danny Masterson

The Women:
Mila Kunis

Laura Prepon

Debra Jo Rupp

As always, the pictures are not mine, but picked up from Google. I claim no rights to them, other than uploading them on a friend's site so that I'm not hotlinking. Don't hotlink them from my site and steal her bandwith.