Wednesday, May 31, 2006


In case you missed this story, it truly is hard to wrap your head around. 5 weeks ago, a tragic accident in northern Indiana claimed the lives of 4 Taylor University students. The university and families held funerals and memorial services for the student, including Whitney Cerak. Other students involved in the accident were treated at various hospitals. One such student was Laura VanRyn.

For 5 weeks, Laura's family has been by her side as she's been recovering from a head injury and in a coma. But as she started to regain consciousness, they started to realize that the girl in the coma was not Laura, but was Whitney. The coroner apparently did not use any records to verify the identity of the victims, but instead relied on family and faculty to provide identification.

So one family who thought they buried their daughter 5 weeks ago, found out today that she is really alive and recovering. And the other, found out that although they thought they'd been watching their daughter recover for 5 weeks, she had in fact been buried weeks ago.

Truly unbelievable.