Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Vacuum Testimonial

The following is not a paid advertisement and does in fact reflect the views of this blog.

I've been having vacuum issues for a while. When I moved to my apartment last year, I bought a standard Dirt Devil upright at Walmart. 2 months ago, the thing stopped working. Later, I found out that somehow I had thrown away the filter. So I dropped $20 on buying a replacement filter. Even then, when I vacuumed, the hose would come unattached or the vacuum would not pick up anything at all. And worst, it was spewing dust in the air. So any time I vacuumed, I would be able to taste what I was vacuuming. Nasty right. Rather than drain anoght 30 bucks in it to have it fixed, I decided to buy a new one.

I'd debated investing in a Dyson. And it can only be called an investment since it costs more than I ever thought a vacuum could. Though I have since heard that Kirby vacuums costs more than 3 times as much. And I used to not understand why anyone would spend that much on a vacuum. And then I thought about it. I was tired of dropping socks on the floor and picking them up to discover them covered in cat hair. In the morning, when getting dressed, I couldn't put on my pants in my bedroom because the bottom inch of them would simply end up covered in dirt. And worst of all, I was waking up every morning with a scratchy throat and finding it hard to breathe. And I vacuum on a pretty regular basis.

So I thought about it. I, like the rest of my family, am allergic to dust. My parents have only hard wood floors, which is wonderful. My apartment has carpeting. I thought that if it were worth it to help my health, I might as well look into this vacuum.

After weeks of reading testimonials and comparing values and prices and warranties, I bit the bullet tonight. I can only describe this vacuum as AMAZING. Really. I'm not just saying that. I haven't eaten dinner I've been vacuuming every inch of my apartment. I'm even taking it to my parents house and my sister's house next time I go just to show them how fantastic it is.

For those of you who don't believe how wonderful this thing is, I have picture demonstrations. I vacuumed my carpet on Friday and then had them professionally cleaned this past Saturday. So I wasn't expecting to pick up much after only 3 days. I was wrong. Very wrong.

This is a picture of my 4 foot by 7 foot hallway. This is a picture of the dirt I picked up just in that hallway. No, I'm not kidding. Disgusting, eh? And if you still don't believe me, here is a picture of what I vacuumed up just in the open areas of my bedroom without moving any furniture. In vacuuming my bedroom, living room, and dining area, I had to empty the cannister 3 times. Did I mention my carpets were professionally cleaned only 72 hours ago.

I'm in love with a vacuum.