Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things that go bump in the night.

On Sunday, the Boy and I prepared dinner for the kids and were in process of moving everything outdoors for a picnic on the back porch. In the process, I was stooped over the refrigerator pulling the necessary condiments, when I suddenly had a full bottle of wine drop off the fridge and onto the back of my head. Man did it hurt. I didn't black out, but I did see some fuzzy lines for a moment. And I had a tennis ball sized knot on the back of my scalp for the next 12 hours. It's gone down now, other than the tenderness, but it's just yet another example of my klutzery. Observe:

The first weekend my stepsons stayed at my apartment, I was so worried about spilling something on the carpet and staining it, that I bought them cups with twist on lids to prevent the accidental spill. In the process of reminding them to watch their drinks, I managed to spill and entire gallon of orange crystal light all over the beige carpet.

At another point, we had stopped at McD's to grab some drinks and I was helping the youngest get into his car seat. Like I normally do, I set the Boy's and my drinks on the roof of the car to free up my hands. Unfortunately we were in the Boy's car. Unlike my car, his has a moon roof, which happened to be open. So we had 2 large sweet teas fall straight through the roof and onto the leather seats. Fantastic.

And one other example, because I'm sure I've proven my point by now. I have a knobless crock pot. When we moved into our new house, we had to start using a gas oven, rather than the electric. I had the crock pot on the back of the stove (since we have no counter space) and while it was cooking, I made some tea. Except, I guess the gas flame didn't stay contained under the tea pot and instead caught the knob on fire, shooting 2 feet of flame up into the stove hood. Of course my stepsons were there to witness and every once in a while they will start a conversation with... remember that one time when you set the kitchen on fire....

All examples of a day in the life of me. Ms. Accident waiting to happen.

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