Friday, April 02, 2004

Random Trivia: Part 2

One of my brother-in-law's favorite stories is to tell about how the lead singer of REM (Michael Stipe?) went to his high school in the lovely town of Collinsville, IL. Apparently, at that time, he had a band with a few of his friends and they played local gigs around the area. They asked to play at the school prom, and were denied because the school didn't think they were good enough. And for years and years afterward, this is all they can talk about. It's a small town, what do you expect?

But even more random... Collinsville is a former hometown of one of my classmates (who shall remain nameless unless she cares to reveal herself) who went to elementary school with my bro-in-law. I've actually seen the yearbook and confirmed it with my own eyes. The bro-in-law is distrought over the fact that she doesn't remember him, since he thought he was the coolest 3rd grader in the school at the time. But classmate's cousins ran in the same circles and remembered bro-in-law well enough to stop and talk to him at a bank a few weeks ago. All goes to show you that it really is a small, small world.