Monday, March 28, 2005

For Ever, For Never, For Now:

In honor of Bridget Jones

Preface: Ok kids. I didn't realize this game was going to be so problematic. It sounds simple in theory: I give you 3 choices, you then make your decisions. How hard can that be?

But leave it to the lawyers and pre-lawyers to question everything. So as some clarification, I'd like to point out a few things. You are not actually going to marry anybody. If you are already married, you won't be violating any polygamy statutes by choosing someone for the For Ever category. Additionally, there are no underage laws being violated here. My intention with the 80s sitcom was that you would view them from the point you did when you watched the show. I was like 12 when I watched 80s sitcoms and Mike Seaver was a cool 17 year old. I was not referring to the 27 year old me fawning over a 14 year old Kevin Arnold. Eww. Sometimes the category will be in the past and sometimes the future [For instance, I've already got the Brat Pack then prepared, and I'll have the Brat Pack now following. There is a difference between Anthony Michael Hall of 1986 and him of 2005. Or at least in my view.] And I've got some upcoming categories that don't fit the "marry, date or dump" mold, but is more of a who would you put up with for ever, for never, etc. If you prefer, don't think of these as romantic categories at all. Just work with me here.

I am also borderline obsessive compulsive, and if you notice, all the pics have to be the same. They're formatted to be the same height and width, and I even make an effort to be sure they look the same. [i.e. head shots, full body pics, smiling, etc]. Yes, I'm anal-retentive, but I've learned to live with it.

All that said, this edition is in honor of the Bridget Jones movie that was just released on DVD. It's the Colin's and Rene(e)s. However, I couldn't find a third Renee, and rather than list Renee Flufferbahumptner who you've never heard of, I just chose another actress who rocks and her name starts with the same letter. My game. My rules.

Colin Firth
Colin Farrell
Colin Hanks

Renee Zellweger
Rene Russo
Regina King