Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Spies

Ok, I finally figured out where these came from. Friday Spies is the brainchild of Begging the Question.

1. What blog, other than your own, do you read the most?
Either Just Playin', Martinis, Persistence and a Smile or Will Work for Favorable Dicta. I read several others, but these 3 tend to be the most regularly updated.

2. Are you a gadget person? Do you have the latest thingamajigs and whoozits and geegaws? What sort of gadgets do you own?
I *heart* gadgets. If I didn't control myself, I would own everything I could get my hands on. I bought a mini-disc player a few years ago, and even though they're falling way to mp3 players, I still enjoy it. I own 2 laptops (though one is not full-functioning) and a video camera, which incidentally has disappeared this year. Can't remember when the last time was that I used it, and may have left it somewhere. I don't think it will be returning to me any time soon.

3. If I gave you $1000 on the condition that you couldn't spend it on something responsible (e.g., bills), or save it, what would you do with the money?
Gadgets. Or vacations. Maybe a week in a hotel in New York City. Ok, make that a night as it's only a $1000.

4. What are your five favorite sitcoms of all time, other than "Seinfeld" and "The Simpsons"?
For the record, I abhor "Seinfeld". But the best sitcoms come from the 80s: Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, Family Ties, The Cosby Show. (Ironically, these were the inspiration for a recent "For Ever, For Never, For Now".)

5. Organize a film festival based on a theme. Choose a theme and a handful of movies with that theme, and tell us what you've chosen.
Ok, way too late to deal with this one right now. May come back later and edit.