Thursday, March 24, 2005

Updated Feature

I mistakenly assumed that readers would know who the people were I'd chosen for the new feature. Apparently, I was wrong. As such, I will now be visually enhancing Dump, Date, or I do so as to clarify.

Additionally, please be aware that sometimes the list includes real people, and sometimes it includes fictional characters. In those circumstances, you view it as the character, not the actor.

Finally, as Stag pointed out, "I do" often rolls off the tongue as "I'd do." In fact, the first time I typed it I freudian slipped. Incidentally, alternative titles are:
I do, I don't, I date or I do, I'd screw, I'd spew. I will take suggestions as the title is not set in stone. However, if the latter is chosen, I will be asking the parents to turn a blind eye to the non-PGishness of the title. It's just a game that needs a catchy title.