Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dump, Date, or I do: The inaugural edition.

The two biggest complaints I get about my blog are (1)that I don't post enough, and (2) when I do post, the content does not tend to inspire comments. Therefore, I'm attempting to remedy the situation by introducing a new feature called "Dump, Date, or I do." [Based on the game "Marry, Date, or Dump" but titled differently so as not to step on any trademark toes.] The rules are simple. I list 3 people/characters/whatever I'm in the mood for, and you state which one you would dump, which one you would date, and to whom you would say "I do." In fairness, I will have a category of men and a category of women and you can participate in either or both. My answers will appear in the comments.

In honor of my addictive viewing of "Dawson's Creek" DVDs during break, I give you the Joshes and the Katies.

Josh Jackson
Josh Hartnett
Josh Lyman

Katie Holmes
Katie Couric
Kate Bosworth