Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Spies

Copyright to Begging the Question. Apparently there's some official email list for this, but I'm not privvy.

1. Have you ever been in a car wreck?
No, but my car has. Twice. Once it was sideswiped in the church parking lot, and another time some kid at the law school performed a hit and run on my passenger's side. Luckily, some Good Samaritan witnessed it and the campus police got it taken care of. And told me who the culprit was. Then my friends and I ganged up on him and threw stones while calling him dirty names. Or not.

2. Sunrise or sunset?
This question reminds me of the song "Sunrise, Sunset" that has been sung by my uncle at about 75% of my family's weddings. It goes: "Sunrise, Sunset. Sunrise, Sunset. Swiftly go the days. One season following another, laid out with happiness and tears." But the answer to the question is sunset. I'm never awake (voluntarily) early enough to enjoy sunrise.

3. If you could change, amend, delete, or pass one law, what would it be?
Raise the driving age to 18. Have you seen some of these kids on the road today? I wouldn't trust them on my lawnmower, let alone in my car.

4. What is your favorite single article of clothing?
This is hard because I've tried to stop getting attached to clothing. Because then I hang on to it for far too long and by the time I let it go, it's filled with holes and faded. But I love my hooded IU sweatshirt. It's so casual and I can just throw it on over my pajamas if I need to head to town.

5. If you could/had to spend the day hanging out with another blogger
(one you don't already know), who would it be and what would you do?
Hmm. I already know several bloggers, and to name one I don't know would come off as a surprise to them and sorta stalkerish that I would want to meet them. So I'm leaving this one alone.