Sunday, January 29, 2006

Survival of the Cattest

For the first time since I moved up to Indy, I left the cats alone in the apartment for the weekend. Usually I haul them home with me, since they did live there for 3 years. But my brother's cat, Max, has been banished from home, so we're trying other options.

The reason I've been hesitant to leave them at home alone is because one would starve and the other gorge himself to death. Max weighs about 27 lbs and my cat, Frosty, weighs about 14. In theory, I could leave enough food for the weekend, but knowing Max, it would all be gone within 2 hours and I'd come home to find undigested cat food thrown up around the apartment.

However, I'm happy to report that all was well when I returned. There was even food left in the bowls, and no vomit throughout the apartment. Which means I can leave for weekends and not have to have someone check in on them.

I did, however, find tufts of hair all over the floor. They've been wrestling and tearing each other apart shred by shred. But there's no blood, so I'm not too worried.