Monday, January 23, 2006

The Wrap-Up

I survived my hearing with nary a scratch. The worst part was getting to the office by 6:45 this morning to get all my exhibits in a row. And then realizing at the last minute that I forgot to factor in a marital debt in my calculations. Which, once I worked it in helped my client. But it didn't help that by the time I got to court, I found a few typos in my proposed decree where I didn't catch the figure to correct it. Oops.

My boss had enough faith in me to let me go it on my own. And so did the client, even though the client knew I had only been a lawyer since Oct. That's a lot of faith.

I can't say whether I "won" because no one really wins in a divorce. And the matter is under advisement anyway. But if you count that I didn't get reprimanded by the judge, I got all of my exhibits admitted, and I got through my questioning of the witness without a hitch as winning, then yeah, I'm a winner.