Sunday, January 22, 2006

Time is on my side.

I was supposed to attend a conference at my church yesterday for new members/visitors. I fall into the latter category, in case you care, but you don't.

After the seminar I was to meet my boss at work to go over my strategy for my first final hearing on Monday. I've been prepping for it all week and even met with the client on Friday. But as I was in the shower on Saturday morning, I realized I wasn' t as prepared as I would like to be, so instead I made a direct bee-line to work. Plus, after seeing my billable report for December, I realized I have some ground to make up before my year mark. Granted, that's still far away, but I hope to nip it in the bud before it gets too out of hand.

I arrived at work at 9:15, and after some issues with the outer door lock, I started billing at 9:30. Twice, if not 3 times I conferenced with my boss and rehearsed my examination of witnesses. Which is very helpful, but when you don't exactly have a witness, it's a little difficult to keep the flow going.

My proposed 6 page Order was reviewed and corrected and when I got it back to make the changes, it looked like a 2 year old had attacked it with a pen. Marks everywhere. And thanks to it being a weekend, no paralegal to dictate to and make my changes. (Which as reluctant as I was to admit, is actually faster than doing it myself.)'

Finally, I had bored both myself and my boss to death and we decided it was time to sleep on it for the night. I'm not expecting any major issues, and I don't really worry so much about the witness stuff as I do about the whole procedure. It's like, what do I say as soon as the judge says I can proceed with the case. And how do I wrap it up. But I guess the only way I'll actually learn is to be thrown into the fire. Which will happen sharply tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

On the upside, billable hour count for Saturday: 7.25